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Corporate Profile

About XAP

XAP is an industry leader in education technology with a focus on providing students and adults with online tools to explore careers and discover, plan, and apply to colleges and universities. XAP's products are used by thousands of K-12 institutions and colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.


XAP has been a pioneer in education technology since Allen Fistenberg founded the company in 1988. Inspired by his daughter's struggles with completing paper-based college applications on a typewriter, Allen developed the first electronic college admissions form, thus simplifying a repetitive and time-consuming process. Other innovations from XAP include:

  • The first company to develop and market electronic applications and computer-based multimedia campus tours to colleges and universities.

  • Initiated the development and implementation of a fail-safe, client-server architecture in support of online applications and other student services.

  • Pioneered the capability to automatically transfer student data to universities' student information system databases, via electronic data exchange.

  • Introduced college student services over the Internet through the development and implementation of the California State University Student Services website (


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