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XAP Philosophy

Helping people change their lives for the better is what gets us up in the morning and helps us sleep at night. We are privileged to provide a range of online tools that help students and adults explore, plan and take action on career and educational plans and lead to achievable and fulfilling life goals.

Our experience has taught us the best outcomes start with self-awareness of interests, skills and abilities that then grow into career and educational aspirations with the plans to reach them. We have found that when this is done right it turns a daunting task into a life-changing moment.

And in that moment, we strive to help people reach farther than they ever thought possible by discovering educational and career options they had no idea were possible for them. This potential can be found in every tool we offer.

We believe that everyone deserves the right to reach farther regardless of age, gender, cultural background, geography or financial means and that unlocking information and insight is the most powerful way to level the playing field.

When it comes to helping people reach farther, our goal is to ensure no one does more to help them than XAP.

XAP is the industry leader in developing and providing students and adults with the online tools to explore careers and explore, plan and apply to colleges and universities. The company pioneered the development of the electronic college application, the electronic transcript, and Internet-based student management systems enabling students to apply to college online.

In 1988, Allen Firstenberg, then director of Rockwell International's R&D group in software and information sciences, watched his daughter struggle with paper-based college applications while using a typewriter to fill in the same information on multiple forms. This inspired him to pioneer the development of the first electronic college admissions form, thus simplifying a repetitive and time-consuming college application process.


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