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to promote academic and career readiness among students and adult learners.

A pioneer in education technology since 1988

Deployed at thousands of K-12 institutions, colleges and universities, our education solutions have helped more than 44 million students and their families explore careers and discover, plan for, and apply to colleges and universities. In fact, we have processed over 32 million applications for our college admissions and scholarship application clients. And we've done so with incredible reliability, achieving 99.97% up time since 2012.

Applications Processed


Applications Processed

Since Inception




99.97% Year-to-date

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Thousands of K-12 institutions, colleges and universities have deployed our solutions to allow their users to explore careers, and to discover, plan for, and apply to colleges and universities.


Our customized solution for state-wide systems, agencies, and sponsors.


Our cost-effective and rapidly deployable solution for school districts and individual schools.


Process electronic applications efficiently, cost-effectively, and reliably.


Request, process, and receive electronic transcripts quickly and easily.

Paws in Jobland

Encourage career awareness among elementary school students.

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A sampling of the sponsors, schools, and postsecondary institutions we serve.

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Training is essential to ensure successful and smooth implementation of XAP solutions in your state, school, or district. Make the most of your investment with our comprehensive training packages.


Learn the best of what XAP solutions have to offer with web-based courses that help you get started with your career and education development programs.

On-site Training

XAP's on-site workshops provide a full day of hands-on training for up to 30 members of your site or district staff to help you get the most of your XAP solution.

Training Resources

Here at XAP, we want to make sure you are not alone when it comes to implementing our solutions. We offer a variety of training resources to help you use our products more effectively.

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Ready to schedule a training? Please call 800-468-6927 or e-mail us at info@xap.com.


A pioneer in education technology since 1988, XAP provides state-level sponsors, school districts and individual schools with online tools for students and adults to explore careers, and discover, plan for, and apply to colleges and universities. Today, XAP’s products are used by thousands of K-12 institutions and colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. Visit the XAP Press Center.


Inspired by his daughter’s struggles with completing paper-based college applications on a typewriter, founder Allen Firstenberg developed the first electronic college admissions form, thus simplifying a repetitive and time-consuming process. Although Allen passed away in 2004, his legacy lives on through XAP’s committed employee base. Other innovations from XAP include:

  • The first company to develop and market electronic applications and computer-based multimedia campus tours to colleges and universities.
  • Initiated the development and implementation of a fail-safe, client-server architecture in support of online applications and other student services.
  • Pioneered the capability to automatically transfer student data to universities’ student information system databases, via electronic data exchange.
  • Introduced college student services over the Internet through the development and implementation of specialized websites for state university systems.


XAP is the industry leader in developing and providing students and adults with the online tools to explore careers, and discover, plan for, and apply to colleges and universities.

If you would like to learn more about XAP Corporation or if you have any questions, please contact us.

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