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Inspire every student to discover the future they want and build a plan to achieve it.


XAP exists to inspire every student to discover the future they want and build a plan to achieve it.

XAP got its start in 1988 by developing the XAPplication, the first online college application. After years of helping millions of students and thousands of educators at all types of schools prepare for their postsecondary education, we saw firsthand that the many challenges they both face go far beyond the college search and application process.

There’s no question that educators need more time-saving resources that increase their capacity to help students navigate the college application process. And we provide very effective tools to do this. But equally important is the need for resources that empower educators to confidently help students find and plan for the future that inspires them, whatever their postsecondary path may be.

As for students, we saw how they need resources to help them discover their unique interests, talents and passions beginning in middle school. Moreover, they need to be able to learn about and explore the career options that will empower them to apply their strengths and interests, which in turn will lead to better attendance, higher grades and an increased likelihood of graduating. Finally, they need the tools and knowledge to enable them to develop a plan that will guide them in the successful transition from school to the world of work.

So, we set out to create the most comprehensive career and college readiness platform to help all students on any pathway they choose - college, training, the military, or directly into the workforce. The result – Choices360.

Choices360 has been chosen by states such as West Virginia, Oklahoma, and North Dakota to power their Career and College Planning Program and by thousands of schools and LEAs across the country. Our purpose is to inspire every student to discover the future they want and build a plan to achieve it and we welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help your students and counselors.


Thousands of K-12 institutions, colleges and universities have deployed our solutions to allow their users to explore careers, and to discover, plan for, and apply to colleges and universities.


Our cost-effective and rapidly deployable solution for school districts and individual schools.


Process electronic applications efficiently, cost-effectively, and reliably.


Request, send and receive eletronic transcripts through the eTranscript California network.

Paws in Jobland

Encourage career awareness among elementary school students.

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A sampling of the sponsors, schools, and postsecondary institutions we serve.

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Training is essential to ensure successful and smooth implementation of XAP solutions in your state, school, or district. Make the most of your investment with our comprehensive training packages.


Learn the best of what XAP solutions have to offer with web-based courses that help you get started with your career and education development programs.

On-site Training

XAP's on-site workshops provide a full day of hands-on training for up to 30 members of your site or district staff to help you get the most of your XAP solution.

Training Resources

Here at XAP, we want to make sure you are not alone when it comes to implementing our solutions. We offer a variety of training resources to help you use our products more effectively.

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