Research and experience have shown that students who have a sound understanding of their strengths and challenges are more likely to reach their academic goals – and be prepared for their future career path.

The AchieveWorks® assessments provides students from 6th to 12th grade with a solid foundation of personal insight that will help them uncover their potential, improve study habits, discover career goals and establish an education plan to achieve their dreams.

AchieveWorks Personality

9th to 12th grade

Use the enduring power of personality to improve students’ education and career planning. See how students’ personality impacts learning, work and problem solving, communication, collaboration, relationships, and best career options.

AchieveWorks Intelligences

8th to 12th grade

Intelligence comes in many forms and can always be further developed. Students who know their multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence strengths can leverage that knowledge to perform better in school and select a satisfying education and career path.

AchieveWorks Learning & Productivity

6th to 12th grade

Decades of research shows that students learn best in different ways and by engaging all their senses. Discover each student’s traditional sensory learning style, environmental and mindset productivity preferences. Show students how understanding their learning styles and productivity preferences can maximize their learning.

AchieveWorks Skills

10th to 12th grade

There are many critical skills and aptitudes that students should possess to help them prepare for college and the workforce. Give students an advantage by showing them how their skills rank relative to others in a particular career.

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