It’s what is baked into every college application sent by every high school senior. And behind each application is you — the high school counselor or administrator — making sure the supporting documents, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and counselor evaluations, arrive at their destination on time and in the proper format.

It’s time to make your job easier with XAP’s AppDocs, our electronic documents tracking and sending system.

Here’s how it can help you:

Easier College Application Management

AppDocs is more than a delivery service; it’s an organized system that tracks document requests and fulfillments. You’ll know where your students are applying and what documents need to be sent – making sure crucial deadlines aren’t missed.

Better Student Decision Making

Students use the AppDocs tools within the context of much greater career and postsecondary exploration and planning. The assessments and reflection activities promote greater self-knowledge and enable better decision making about their life choices.

Saves Time

It saves time with bulk transcript upload. Spend your time with your students – not sitting in front of a computer uploading one senior transcript at a time. XAP’s bulk transcript upload makes it easy to upload all your senior transcripts at once allowing you to focus on other duties.

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