Paw's Jobland

Join Paws on an adventure in Jobland!

Paws in Jobland™ is designed to accommodate the unique needs of educators and parents as children begin exploring the world of work.

Paws in Jobland

Paws in Jobland takes elementary school students on a lively tour through the neighborhood of Jobland. Along the way, they learn how to identify personal interests and explore careers. We're hosting free Paws in Jobland webinars. Register for one today.

Cost: $250 annual license fee per school building


What does a police officer do? Where does a nurse work? Click on a building or vehicle to learn about 100 different occupations. Answer a series of questions to return a list of jobs that match interests.


Help students successfully build crucial problem solving, critical thinking and reading comprehension skills with activities, audio and video tracks, and a job finder quiz.


Interactive quiz and puzzle about various careers.


Save preparation time with online professional resources, including over 50 ready-made lesson plans and activities.


Involve parents in their child’s learning with online access, extending programs beyond the classroom and into the home.

Have questions? Ready to get started? Contact us at or 800-468-6927.

You asked. We listened. Find out why Paws is the right choice for career and education planning.

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Find out why Paws in Jobland is the right choice for career and education planning — contact us today.

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