Paws in Jobland

Career Exploration for K-5

Unlock a world of possibilities for your elementary school students with Paws in Jobland™.

  • Join Paws on an adventure in Jobland today and witness the transformative impact it can have on your student's future success.
  • Enjoy unlimited access, unrestricted classroom and at-home usage for all your students.
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Paws in Jobland Features

Paws in Jobland takes elementary school students on a lively tour through the neighborhood of Jobland. Along the way, they learn how to identify personal interests and explore careers.

  • Create Career Awareness
  • Enable Self-Discovery
  • Save Time
  • Build Skills

Create Career Awareness

What does a police officer do? Where does a nurse work? Students discover 100 different careers with the click of a button as they explore with Paws in the town of Jobland.

Enable Self-Discovery

Students learn about themselves by engaging with interactive quizzes and activities within Paws in Jobland.

Save Time

With over 50 ready-made lesson plans and convenient online professional resources, you can say good-bye to hours of lesson preparation.

Build Skills

Help students successfully build crucial problem solving, critical thinking, and reading comprehension skills with activities, audio and video tracks, and a job finder quiz.

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