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etranscriptXchange™ is a secure, reliable, and cost-effective solution to deliver and receive electronic transcripts.


An enhanced service option for our Transitions custom portal,etranscriptXchange™ allows students and counselors to request and send electronic transcripts securely and efficiently from high schools to colleges and universities. Additionally, XAP provides e-Transcript California, a post-secondary to post-secondary e-transcript solution for the California higher education system.


Request, process, and receive transcripts quickly and easily in one place.


Process transcripts easily between participating schools in- or out-of-state while satisfying Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council standards.

Go Green

Eliminate redundant tasks such as paper filing and save as much as 90% on paper costs.


24x7 access allows you to manage your electronic transcript process from anywhere, at any time.

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A sampling of the postsecondary institutions and organizations we serve.

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